Production information
ManufacturerMaltex Corporation
Technical Specifications
Mass45 tons
ChassisOst Endo Steel
ArmorKilosh 1000 with CASE
EngineGM 180
SpeedCruising: 43 kph
Maximum: 65 kph
Jump JetsNorthrup 750
Armament1xLRM 10

1xLarge Laser
1xSRM 6

2xSmall Laser

The Wyvern was designed in 2660 as an urban warfare BattleMech. The Wyvern is considered a slow 'Mech for it's weight class when compared in general but in a city or close confine environment the Wyvern does not require a great deal of speed to be highly effective. The Wyvern also uses CASE technology to protect all of its very vulnerable ammunition. In the case of a hit on one of its ammunition bins the Wyvern' can survive and remove itself from combat for repairs.


The Wyvern carries an eclectic, but effective, mix of weapons. The primary weapon used is a Nightwind Large Laser. This is backed up by several weapons. For close range combat the Wyvern carries two Starflash Small Lasers and a Totschlagen-6 SRM 6 launcher. The Wyvern also carries a Jackson Dart LRM 5 launcher to harass enemy units from range and for indirect fire.


  • 3025
    • WVE-6N - the 6N Wyvern is the downgraded version of the 'Mech used in 3025. The Endo Steel internal structure has been removed as well as the CASE in the left and right torsos. While the loss of the weight from the CASE systems somewhat offsets the weight added by losing the Endo Steel structure the Wyvern did lose one ton of armor protection. The weapons systems as well as the 'Mech's speed and jumping capabilities have remained the same.
  • WVE-10N - Introduced in Record Sheets Upgrades the 10N transforms the Wyvern from a brutal street fighter to a long-range sniper. The 'Mechs speed and jumping capabilities have still been retained but otherwise just about everything has changed except the LRM 10. The 10N carries 8 tons of standard armor and CASE for the LRM 10 ammunition. The primary weapon has been upgraded from a Large Laser to an ER PPC. The back up weapon has also been upgraded to a single Medium Pulse Laser. The Wyvern has also had ECM installed as well as an improved C3 computer to allow it to use targeting telemetry from its comrades.
  • Wyvern IIC - The Wyvern was one of the 'Mechs carried on the exodus with General Kerensky and the remnants of the SLDF. The Clans have created their own variant of the Wyvern called the Wyvern IIC which is an upgraded version using clan technology.