Production information
ManufacturerGeneral Mechanics, Incorporated
Technical Specifications
Mass20 tons
Chassis1A Type 3
ArmorDurallex Light
EngineGM 120
Jump JetsRawlings 52
Armament*1xMedium Laser

The Wasp began production in 2471 as a recon 'Mech. Today the Wasp is still considered a valued asset for recon work. The design has a ground speed that is considered lackluster when compared to most modern light 'Mechs but the slow ground speed is offset by the Wasps capability to jump up to 180 meters. While carrying heavier Weapons than 'Mechs like the Locust the Wasp will generally only engage other light 'Mechs, using its jumping capabilities to avoid conflicts with larger foes when it can. The Wasp is also known to be used in the role of a raider because of its abilities to hit and fade in rough terrain.


The Wasp carries a light weapons payload meant for self defense primarily against other light 'Mechs and is not meant to be used to engage heavier 'Mechs. The Primary weapon is a Diverse Optics Type 2 Medium Laser. This is backed up by a Bical SRM 2 launcher which can use standard and Inferno rounds making it useful against either enemy 'Mechs and a good deterrent against infantry and vehicles.


  • 3025
    • WSP-1D - This Davion variant exchanges the SRM launcher for a Small Laser and Flamer while retaining the Medium Laser.
    • WSP-1K - The 1K Wasp caries a Medium Laser and a Machine Gun. The saved weight is used to upgrade the armor by a half ton. (House Kurita version)
    • WSP-1L - The 1L variant of the Wasp replaces the Medium Laser and SRM 2 launcher with a single SRM 4 launcher. (House Liao version)
    • WSP-1W - The 1W Wasp replaces all of the weapons with six Small Lasers. (Wolf's Dragoons version)
  • WSP-1S - The 1S Wasp upgrades the chassis to Endo Steel and the armor to Ferro-Fibrous. This variant carries a Medium Pulse Laser, two Small Lasers and a Flamer.
  • WSP-3L - The 3L variant uses the new Stealth Armor and an Endo Steel chassis. The 'Mech carries a Guardian ECM Suite, an Extended Range Medium Laser and a Rocket Launcher 10.
  • WSP-3M - The 3M Wasp upgrades the chassis to Endo Steel and the armor to Ferro-Fibrous. This variant carries a Medium Pulse Laser and a single SRM 2 launcher.
  • WSP-3S - The 3S variant of the Wasp upgrades the structure to an Endo Steel version, upgrades the Heat Sinks to double strength versions and carries two Extended Range Medium Lasers, a Guardian ECM suite and a TAG target designator.
  • WSP-3W - The 3W upgrades the Armor to Ferro-Fibrous and carries two Small Pulse Lasers and four Small Lasers.