Production information
ManufacturerOrguss Industries
Technical Specifications
Mass30 tons
ArmorDurallex Medium
EngineLeenex 60
Jump JetsPitban 6000
Armament*1xAutocannon 10

The UrbanMech is designed for just what its name suggests, urban combat and defense. This is achieved by making the UrbanMech the slowest light BattleMech in existence with a top speed of only 32.4kph and a jumping distance of only 60 meters. On an open battlefield, speeds that slow would be a death warrant for any light 'Mech, but in the streets and alleys of an urban labyrinth, even with its slow speeds the UrbanMech is free to fight and fade back into the city as it sees fit.


The UrbanMech packs a powerful punch for its size. In its right arm it carries an Imperator-B Autocannon 10 and as a back up weapon it carries a Harmon Light Small Laser. With these two weapons the UrbanMech can constantly harass, if piloted by an experienced enough Mechwarrior, down 'Mechs up to twice its own size.


  • 3025
    • UM-R60L - The R60L is an armless version of UrbanMech that makes it twice as deadly as the R60 version. The R60L sacrifices two tons of armor and carries a Autocannon 20, which is capable of downing most light 'Mechs and severely damaging most medium 'Mechs in a single salvo.
  • UM-R63 - The R63 UrbanMech is an upgrade of the UR-R60. The Autocannon 10 has been upgraded to an LB-X version and a Small Pulse Laser has been added. The R63 retains the Small laser of the R60 model as well.
  • UM-R70 - The R70 model is an upgrade that has greater potential then the R63. The R70 uses Ferro-Fibrous armor and mounts a Rotary Autocannon 5 which can fire up to six times the normal rate of fire giving it the possibility of doing one hundred and fifty percent as much damage as the Autocannon 20 on the R60L. As backup weapons it carries an Extended Range Medium and Small Laser.
  • UrbanMech IIC - The UrbanMech was one of the 'Mechs carried on the exodus with General Kerensky and the remnants of the SLDF. The Clans have created their own variant of the UrbanMech called the UrbanMech IIC which is an upgraded version using clan technology.