Production information
ManufacturerMaltex Corporation
Technical Specifications
Mass80 tons
ChassisEarthwerks VOL Endo Steel
ArmorMitchell Argon with CASE
EnginePitban 320
Jump JetsNone
Armament2x PPC

The Thug was designed by Maltex Corporation as a direct competitor to the popular Warhammer BattleMech. The Thug brings the advantages of greater heat dissipation capabilities as well as CASE protection for its vulnerable SRM 6 ammunition. When compared side-by-side the Thug has a great many advantages over the Warhammer yet it never reached the same level of popularity as its competitor.


The armament on the Thug is a very simple, yet effective, combination. For striking power it carries two arm mounted Tiegart PPC. Backing up the PPC are two Bical-6 SRM 6 launchers that allow the Thug to capitalize on any breaches in the enemy's armor.


  • 3025
    • THG-10E - The 10E Thug is a downgraded version of the 11E. The primary changes come from the loss of the Double Heat Sinks, CASE, and the Endo Steel structure. To compensate for the weight needed for a standard structure the SRM have been downgraded from six tube launchers to four tube. In addition the Thug lost one ton of ammunition. While this version can still compete with the Warhammer the loss of the Double Heat Sinks takes away its greatest advantage.
  • THG-12E - Take an extremely powerful long range 'Mech, extend its range and accuracy, and put it in the hands of the Inner Sphere's two most secretive organizations and you have the 12E Thug. The PPC have been upgraded to Extended Range Models and an improved c3 computer has been added. To make the change to a c3 computer a Double Heat Sink, one tone of ammunition, and the corresponding CASE were removed.