Production information
ManufacturerEarthwerks Incorporated
Technical Specifications
Mass20 tons
ChassisEarthwerks STG
EngineGM 120
Jump JetsChilton 360
Armament*1xMedium Laser

The Stinger is a light BattleMech that was built in 2479 as a direct competitor to the Wasp BattleMech. The Stingers various roles include reconnaissance, scouting, raiding and as a trainer 'Mech. The Stingers light but varied armament as well as its jumping capability of 180 meters make it suitable for these various roles. As of 3025 it was estimated that there were somewhere around five thousand Stingers left in use by the various states of the Inner Sphere.


The Stinger carries a light weapons load with an Omicron 3000 Medium Laser as its primary weapon. The laser is backed up by two LFN Linbald Machine Guns.


  • 3025
    • STG-3G - The 3G Stinger trades the two Machine Guns for a second Medium Laser. While this variant does increase the Stingers lethality it also makes heat management a little more complicated for less experienced Mechwarriors.
  • STG-5R - The 5R variant of the Stinger uses Ferro-Fibrous Armor and carries a Medium Laser and two LRM15s.

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