3055 Snake

Production information
ManufacturerCeres Metals Industries
Technical Specifications
Mass45 tons
ChassisCeresplex IV
ArmorStarshield with CASE
EngineVOX 225 XL
Jump JetsAnderson Propulsion 30
Armament*1xLB-X Autocannon 10

With insuffiecient funds to finance research into developing their own battle armor in the late 3050s, the Cappellan Confederation nevertheless had to forsight to develop a medium-weight BattleMech capable of engaging and destroying them. The SNK-1V Snake was the design that developed. Employing a 10-class light ballistic autocannon and a triple-set of Streak SRM launchers, the Snake is able to produce accurate and voluminous fire to engage and break a squad of Inner Sphere battle armor or a point of the dreaded Elemental armor. Jump Jets and a 225 VOX XL Engine ensure that the Snake can out run power armor indefinitely, keeping it at bay and preserving itself indefinitely.

Light armor and a lack of energy weapons is the BattleMech's only weakness. As such, the Snake must withdraw from battle earlier than most units.

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