Ras Alhague (spoken Ras al'haig) from the arab al Ras al Hawwa (head of the serpent charmer) is a star about 47 light years from Sol. Ras Alhague is a hot, white A5III giant star having 26 times the luminosity of Sol and 2.4 times the diameter. The main sun is orbited by hot a gas giant of 0.6 solar mass at 7 AU distance with a period of 8.5 years. A moon of this gas giant was first settled from Scandinavian and Friesen settlers digging their cities into the ice.

Ras Alhague became the stepstone to the surrounding starsystems for Scandinavian and Friesen settlers durging the following decades. The Principality of Rasalhague was founded 2297 as one of the oldest interstellar states. Ras Alhague and the neighboring systems became controled by Kurita, when the Draconis Combine invaded the Principality of Rasalhague in the year 2510. Rasalhague nobility tried their own uprise during the Ronin Wars with the result of founding the Free Rasalhague Repulic 3034, gaining independence from Kurita after more than 500 years. A freedom of short time destroyed by the Clan invasion.