456256-ragnarok super

Ragnarok Mech

weapon systemsEdit

The Ragnarok Mech was one of 2 lost tech Mechs discovered by the Word of Blake while on heios. the other lost tech mech was known as ymir. Both mechs had what is known as a "lava gun" which was a large 4 barrelled cannon which fired large spheres of lava. In the game "Mechassult" this weapon was extemely devastating but at the cost of large amounts of heat. Another peice of lost tech that was unique to both mechs were the energy shield systems which protected against projectile weapons (in the game this did not include "splash damadge"), However the shield system lasted for a very short period of time makeing the shield systems more of a survival tool. The original mechassult featured the shield as a purple bubble surrounding the mech, however is the sequel mechassult 2 the shield was changed to a "aqua" coloured "skin" which conformed the the mech's shape and eliminated any real defesive capabilities. The ragnarok mech was equipped with 2 gauss rifles and 4 long range missiles, where as the ymir had auto cannons and medium range missiles.

Mechassult and Mechassult 2Edit

In the original mechassult the "mechwarrior" of the wolf dragoons first came in contact with the powerful ragnarok mech while assulting a dropship belonging to the word of blake. Unfortunately as impressively powerful as the Ragnarok mech was the first one was defeated by the mechwarrior in his prometheus mech (the mech differs depeding on what the player chooses to use however it was originally inteneded that the prometheus mech was to be used). After the mechwarrior destroys the dropship it turns out that there was a second Ragnarok which was taken by the mechwarrior and his comrades to be used on the assult on the drill. After beating mechassult the yrmir mech was unlocked for use in multiplayer. In mechassult 2 the shields of the ragnarok and ymir mech had an additional purpose, this purpose was to prevent "hijacking" by certain types of battle armour.

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