Production information
ManufacturerKong Interstellar Corporation
Technical Specifications
Mass35 tons
ArmorDurallex Light
EngineVOX 280
Jump JetsOstmann Sct-A
Armament*1xMedium Laser

The Ostscout was designed as strictly a recon 'Mech. In order for the Ostscout to be successful in this mission it was built with a maximum speed of 129.6 kph. The design also utilizes eight jump jets to give it a jumping capacity of 240 meters allowing it to outmaneuver almost any BattleMech in existence. The Ostscout also relies on an advanced sensor suite to allow it to get information about the surrounding terrain and the disposition of enemy forces. Most Ostscout pilots will not even attempt to engage against any enemy as the advanced sensor system is extremely rare and is just about irreplaceable.


The Ostscout carries a single Tronel II Medium Laser. This weapon, while not extremely powerful is enough to dissuade most light scout assets from attempting to pursue.


  • OTT-7K - The 7K Ostscout takes advantage of the new TAG laser designator and replaces the medium laser with it. Otherwise the 7K Ostscout is identical to the 7J model.
  • OTT-9CS - The 9CS model is a complete upgrade of the venerable Ostscout. The 'Mech has been rebuilt from the ground up with an Endo Steel internal structure. In addition the design uses an extralight engine to free up space for advanced electronics and weaponry. For self-defense the 9CS model carries two Extended Range Medium Lasers and an Extended Range Small Laser. For scouting purposes the 'Mech carries a Guardian [[ECM] suite, a Beagle Active Probe, a TAG laser designator and an improved c3 computer.