Men Shen
Production information
ManufacturerHellespont Industries
Technical Specifications
Mass55 tons
ChassisEndo Steel
Engine330 XL
Speed97kph (130kph w/ MASC)
Jump JetsNone
ArmamentPrimary Variant

The Men Shen is the Cappellan Confederation's first homegrown OmniMech. A fast medium, the OmniMech employs Myomer Accelerated Signal Circuitry, to push its top speed to bursts as fast as 130kph. The primary variant utilizes quad medium pulse lasers and an LRM 15 rack. The missile rack is Artemis IV guided; coupled with the fixed Beagle Active Probe, rare is the enemy that Men Shen cannot seek out and engage heavily.

Variants include a model mounting a heavy autocannon and brace of ER Lasers, another mounting dual 25mm Light Ballistic Autocannon and a foursome of ER Medium Lasers, a dedicated recon variant mounts twin large pulse lasers and ECM to cover a speedy approach, and a final variant pairs an ER PPC with SRMs and pulse lasers.