Vuture/Mad Dog


A front-line Clan Omnimech, the Mad Dog is a combination assault/support mech designed to fill the niche of a 'light heavy mech'. With a minimal profile and a respectable speed of 86.4kph, the Mad Dog is capable of instigating long-range firefights for extended periods of time. It sports a LRM-heavy primary load out, with a combination of large pulse lasers and medium pulse lasers for close-in dirty work.

Tagged as the 'Vulture' by Free Rasalhague Republic and Draconis Combine Mechwarriors, the Mad Dog is one of the most recognisable, and thus intimidating, clan 'Mechs to the Inner Sphere.


Primary Configuration:

x2 LRM-20 (C) x2 Large Pulse Lasers (C) x2 Medium Pulse Lasers (C)

Alternate Configuration A:

x6 Streak SRM-6 (C) x1 ER PPC (C) x1 LBX-5 AC (C)

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