Production information
ManufacturerKrupp Stellar Technologies Incorporated
ModelLNC 25-01
Technical Specifications
Mass60 tons
ChassisMangoTech 500 SJ (Spiral Jection)
ArmorPanzerSlab Type 5
EngineHermes 360 XL
SpeedCruising: 65 kph
Maximum: 97.2kph
Jump JetsNone
Armament1x PPC

2xLarge Lasers

1xMedium Laser

The Lancelot attempts to combine the speed of a medium 'Mech with the survivability of a heavy 'Mech with mediocre results. The Lancelot was conceived in a bid for an SLDF contract that called for a medium 'Mech that could operate with a limited amount of logistical support. In the end though the Lancelot came in in the heavy weight class in spite of the use of a lightweight Extralight engine. In addition the design uses an entirely energy based weapons array that allows the 'Mech to operate on its own for extended period of times. The most glaring drawback of the design is the light armor for the Lancelot's weight.


The weapons carried by the Lancelot cover almost the entire range of energy weapons available. The Primary weapon is a Kinslaughter PPC. This is backed up by two arm mounted Krupp Model 32 Large Lasers and a single Krupp Model 2 Medium Laser. As has been mentioned before these weapons offer a great deal in independence for the Lancelot and allow it to operate independent of normal supply lines.


  • 3025
    • LNC 25-02 - The Lancelot did not survive the transition to low technology as well as most of its older cousins. The 'Mech retains its weapons at the cost of its speed with a new maximum speed of only 64.8kph. This reduction in speed makes the thin skinned Lancelot an easy target for other 'Mechs of its weight class.
  • LNC 25-05 - The 25-05 is an enigmatic variant of the traditionally energy based Lancelot. The Medium Lasers have been replaced with six Machine Guns and a full ton of ammunition. The armor has not been upgraded and the 25-05 Lancelot has the same speed profile as the older 25-01 model.
  • LNC 25-04 - This variant of the Lancelot is a completely upgraded version built to utilize the new improved c3 computer in use by Comstar and the Word of Blake. all of the weapons have been upgraded to ER models and the Medium Lasers have been removed from the chassis. In addition the Lancelot has had an additional half ton of armor added and uses an Endo Steel chassis.