Krauser Edit

Krauser Crafts is a small Rasalhague based family owned company, producing a large range of multi purpose crafts. The main shares belongs to the Krauser family and minority shares are known to be owned by the Blatts family and the Magnuson stock.

The main fab is hosted on Klusteen Gama on the border between Ghost Bear and Clan Wolf in the former Free Rasalhague Republic. Krauser is known to use orbital fabs to relocate production on customer needs. One of them was orbiting Terra Jo between 3027 and 3062 and could be considered one of the major players in vehicle XL engine research during that time.

Most Krauser crafts are not distributed from Klusteen Gama under own brand, but produced client side under local brand with an orbital fab. Krauser benefits from local subsidiary, while local companies benefit by extending their production. Mounting weapons and armour local at client side also circumvents the of export regulations between Rasalhague, Clan space, Inner Sphere, Hanseatic League and the wilds.