Production information
ManufacturerGeneral Mechanics
Technical Specifications
Mass55 tons
ArmorLeopard V Ferro-Fibrous
EngineCore Tek 275
SpeedCruising: 54 kph
Maximum: 86.4kph
Jump JetsNone
Armament1x Narc Missile Beacon

1xLRM 5
2xSRM 6's

2xMedium Lasers

The Kintaro was designed with one sole mission. To deliver a Narc missile beacon to enemy units. The Kintaro is a 'Mech that is intended to work in a team with a missile heavy lance and after it delivers it's deadly package to the enemy it is to disengage and let its lance mates do most of the work by tracking the signal from the Narc beacon. The act of putting this into practice is far less simple. With a maximum speed of 86.4kph the Kintaro is not able to engage and disengage from enemy units as easily as it's designers envisioned and because of this if a pilot is not observant of their surroundings and the enemy they can find themselves in a very dangerous situation.


The Kintaro is designed primarily around its Missile beacon and its weapons loadout reflects this. For long range sparring and to provide some form of striking capability as it closes the Kintaro carries a single Holly-5 LRM 5 Launcher. When the Kintaro moves into range to actually hit the enemy with the Narc beacon it has two HoverTec-6 SRM 6 launchers and two Magna Medium Lasers that come into play making it a competent and deadly close combat 'Mech.


  • 3025
    • KTO-18 - The KTO-18 Kintaro is the downgraded version of the 'Mech that was introduced in Technical Readout 3025. As far as the weapons on the 'Mech, the Narc beacon has been removed and replaced with an additional SRM 6 giving it wonderful close range capabilities. In addition the ten tons of Ferro-Fibrous Armor has been exchanged for eleven tons of standard armor causing the Kintaro to lose only a negligible amount of armor protection.
  • KTO-20 - The KTO-20 is the upgraded version of the KTO-18 used by the Draconis Combine in the War of 3039. The KTO-20 is nearly identical to its star league cousin. The only real difference is the loss of the Narc Missile beacon for a Large Laser.
  • KTO-21 - This version of the Kintaro is designed to utilize the new Improved Narc launcher (iNarc for short) and the new improved c3 computer system. In order to utilize these new systems the KTO-21 carries half a ton less armor then the KTO-19 Kintaro and also uses an Endo Steel chassis. In addition to the already mentioned upgrades the Medium Lasers have been upgraded to Extended Range models.

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