King Crab

King Crab
Production information
ManufacturerCosara Weaponries
Technical Specifications
Mass100 tons
ChassisHollis Mark II
ArmorAldis X Ferro-Fibrous with CASE
EngineVlar 300
Jump JetsNone
Armament2xAutocannon 20s

1xLRM 15

1xLarge Laser

Designed in 2741 at the request of General Aleksandr Kerensky the King Crab is one of the most fearsome BattleMechs to have ever existed. The ‘Mech is designed for two purposes. The first is to bring as much firepower on a target as possible. The second and more important reason is as an area denial weapon. When a King Crab is on a battlefield there is an area around the ‘Mech that most other units do not want to enter for fear of the twin Deathgiver Autocannon 20s being used on them. The [[‘Mech’’ is not without its disadvantages though as the King Crab only has a limited amount of ammunition which limits its battlefield usefulness as once its precious Autocannon ammunition it is more of a target for massed fire then a weapon.


As mentioned previously the King Crabs primary weapons are two massive Deathgiver Autocannon 20s. Alone each of these weapons is capable of ripping a limb or torso off of most light and medium ‘Mechs. In concert the two weapons can cripple even a heavy BattleMech in one salvo. To back up the Autocannons the King Crab carries an ExoStar Large Laser and a Simpson-15 LRM 15 launcher to give it some long-range capabilities.


  • 3025
    • KGC-0000 – The KGC-0000 is a downgraded version of the KGC-000. The ‘Mech has sacrificed very little in this downgrade. The Ferro-Fibrous armor was replaced with standard armor and the CASE equipment was removed. This freed up an additional ton, which was used to add another ton of armor bringing the armor protection almost in lien with that of the KGC-000.
  • KGC-001 – This version of the King Crab upgrades the twin Autocannons to two Gauss Rifles. This does cause the loss of some of the ‘’King Crab’’s destructive capabilities but adds a reach that was previously unheard of by this ‘Mech. Also the Large Laser was upgraded to a Large Pulse Laser and two Streak SRM 2s were added. These changes were accomplished by using an extralight engine in place of the standard model.
  • KGC-005 – The 005 King Crab is an upgraded version of the 000 model. The Autocannons have been upgraded to LB-X versions and the Large Laser has been upgraded to an Extended Range model. The LRM 15 has been completely removed from the ‘Mech and replaced with two Streak SRM 4s. The final upgrade is the inclusion of an improved c3 computer to allow the King Crab to work in concert with up to five other ‘Mechs sharing targeting telemetry.