3025 Jenner1

Production information
ManufacturerDiplan Mechyards
Technical Specifications
Mass35 tons
ChassisDiplan Scout-A
EngineMagna 275
Jump JetsSmithson Lifter
Armament*1xSRM 4

The Jenner was designed in 2784 as a guerrilla fighter. The Jenner's laser heavy armament and phenomenal speed help to make the the 'Mech extremely well suited to this role. The Jenner has a top speed of 118.8 kph. This mobility is further enhanced by the addition of five Smithson Lifter jump jets giving the Jenner a jumping distance of 150 meters. The primary downfall of this 'Mech is also one of its assets. With such a heavy reliance on energy weapons the Jenner is woefully light in the area of heat sinks.


The primary weapons system on the Jenner is four Argra 3L Medium Lasers. These provide the Jenner with a powerful close-to-medium range striking capability that doesn't suffer from a lack of supplies when operating behind enemy lines. The lasers are backed up by a Thunderstroke SRM 4 launcher that can be used after breaching an enemy's armor to try and get a critical strike against vulnerable exposed internal components.


  • 3025
    • JR7-F - This is a simpler version of the JR7-D model without the SRM-4 and adding three tons of armor.
  • JR7-C - The JR7-C is a basic upgrade of the JR7-K. The Jenner is enhanced by removing one of the medium lasers and replacing it with a c3 slave unit
  • JR7-K - The JR7-K adds a higher degree of survivability to the Jenner by upgrading the armor to Ferro-Fibrous while removing a half ton of the armor, providing virtually the same armor protection while adding CASE to the SRM 4 ammunition.
  • Jenner IIC - Even though the Jenner was constructed after the SLDF had left the Inner Sphere when the Clans returned they quickly reverse engineered and developed an enhanced version using Clan technology called the Jenner IIC.

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