Production information
ManufacturerStormvanger Assemblies, Light Division
Technical Specifications
Mass30 Tons
ChassisDuralyte 246
ArmorStarGuard I
EngineGM 180
Jump JetsRawlings 45
Armament*2xSRM 6

The Javelin was first built in 2751. The 'Mech quickly gained a reputation as a sturdy and reliable scout 'Mech. The Javelin weighs in at 30 tons but it has the maneuverability of lighter 'Mechs with a jumping distance of up to 180 meters. The Javelin does pay for this in the armor protection on its chassis, in some areas carrying armor weaker then the structure beneath. This drawback to the design does hamper it in pitched battle as the 'Mech cannot stand up to any degree of fire from a 'Mech heavier then it.


The Javelin caries a limited weapons array with two Arrowlite SRM 6 launchers with no backup weapons. This makes the Javelin highly reliant on a good supply line and can hamper the 'Mech if forced into guerilla combat.


  • 3025
    • JVN-10F - The 10F Javelin is the complete opposite of the 10N model as it removes both of the SRM 6 launchers in favor of four Medium Lasers
  • JVN-10P - The 10P model is an upgrade of the 10n model. The 10P retains the armor and speed profile of the 10N, removes one of the SRM 6 launchers and replaced it with two Streak SRM 2 launchers.
  • JVN-11D - The Javelin 11D model is an upgrade of the 10F. The Engine has been upgraded to an extralight model and the structure has been replaced with an Endo Steel internal structure. The Javelin carries three Extended Range Medium Lasers and two Medium Pulse Lasers. These are mated to an advanced Targeting Computer as well as a c3 slave unit.