Inner Sphere BattleMechs are generally categorized by the year of the Technical Readout that they made their Debut. The Technical Readouts that have contained Inner Sphere Mechs are:

Technical Readout 2750Edit

Technical Readout 2750 included the debut of Star League Era Technologies into the BattleTech universe and was printed After Technical Readout 3025 and before Technical Readout 3050 was released

The Mechs In Technical Readout 2750 are:

Technical Readout 3025Edit

Technical Readout 3025 was the first Technical Readout released by FASA Corporation for BattleTech and in it contained information on BattleMecha, Vehicles, Aerospace Fighters, Dropships and LAMs. At the time of the release there was no other level of technology available so the level system was not in place. Also the LAMs in the book became Level 3 and not legal for use in tournament play. The BattleMechs (LAMs Excluded as they are neither a Mech or Aerospace Fighter) listed in Technical Readout 3025 are:

Technical Readout 3025 RevisedEdit

Technical Readout 3025 revised was issued after FASA Corporation was caught in legal issues concerning the use of some images for their BattleMechs. The BattleMechs in Technical Readout 3025 simply ommited the offending Mechs and replaced them with downgraded versions of the Technical Readout 2750 Mechs. The Mechs removed from Technical Readout 3025 Revised were:

Technical Readout 3050Edit

Technical Readout 3050 introduced upgraded versions of the 3025 BattleMechs and also introduced power armor and the Clans into the Battletech universe.

Technical Readout 3050 RevisedEdit

Technical Readout 3050 Revised was also created regarding the incident over the 'Mechs that FASA corporation was having copyright issues over the images of and the updated images of those Mechs for Clan Use. The Inner Sphere Mechs in Technical Readout 3050 Revised consisted of three groups: new 'Mechs, upgraded Technical Readout 3025 Revised 'Mechs and Technical Readout 2750 'Mechs, some of the Technical Readout 2750 'Mechs were modified to different variants only the new 3050 'Mechs are listed below as the listing for the 2750 'Mechs and the 3025 Mechs can be found in their respective sections.

New Mechs:

Technical Readout 3055Edit

Technical Readout 3055 introduced the first generation of the Inner Sphere 'Mechs built specifically to counter the advancing Clans. The technical readout also introduced Clan Second line Mechs as well as the Clan's OmniFighters. The new Inner Sphere Mechs listed in Technical Readout 3055 are:

Technical Readout 3055 UpgradeEdit

3055 Upgrade serves as an upgrade to the original Technical Readout 3055 and contains new artwork for the BattleMechs as well as the Solaris VII BattleMechs and three Inner Spehre Mechs that had to be redrawn (reseen) as a precaution to avoid any future copyright issues.

The Reseen MechsEdit

Solaris VII MechsEdit

Technical Readout 3058Edit

Technical Readout 3058 contained a second generation of BattleMechs designed to combat the Clans including new Inner Sphere OmniMechs which are built to either upgrade existing designs or to ape some of the Clans better known designs from the start of the invasion. Also included are more designs which have been recovered from Star League information.

Inner Sphere OmniMechsEdit

New Inner Sphere MechsEdit

Technical Readout 3058 UpgradeEdit

Technical Readout 3058 Upgrade is an upgrade of the Technical Readout to 3058 and contains added information on the variants of the OmniMechs and BattleMechs. The only major change was that several of the vehicles and the Mechs that were rediscovered were moved to a "Star League" section to differentiate them from the Mechs that were developed by the Inner Sphere after the Star League era.

Technical Readout 3060Edit

Technical Readout 3060 follows closely on the heels of the Technical Readout 3058 but in that two year time frame a great deal of information and technological development has happened due to the rebuilding of the Star League and also the information gleaned from Operations Bull Dog, Bird Dog and Serpent. Several New Inner Sphere BattleMechs and OmniMechs debuted in the Technical readout

Inner Sphere OmniMechsEdit

Inner Sphere MechsEdit

Technical Readut 3067Edit

Technical Readout shows the level of technology immediately prior to the Word of Blake Jihad. This book has seven years worth of developed Mechs for the Clans and Inner Sphere. Additionally, there is a large upswell of Mechs unique to the Word of Blake.

Inner Sphere OmniMechsEdit

Inner Sphere MechsEdit

Technical Readout Project PhoenixEdit

Technical Readout Project Phoenix was published in order to add workable images of the 'Mechs removed from Technical Readout 3025 as well as Clan 'Mechs removed from Technical Readout 3050 in addition to the reworking of an original image of a Mech that was not present in Technical Readout 3025. These Mechs are referred to as reseen or "phoenixed". They are: