Production information
ManufacturerNewhart Industries
ModelHSR 200-D
Technical Specifications
Mass30 tons
ChassisBenztrov 40
ArmorVictory Anchor 2 Ferro-Fibrous
EngineGM 270-A
SpeedCruising: 97 kph
Maximum: 151 kph
Jump JetsNone
Armament1xER Large Laser

The Hussar was one of the SLDF's most popular recon 'Mechs. The Hussar was originally conceived and constructed as an infantry support 'Mech but as it reached units its incredible speed naturally lent the Hussar to a scouting role eventually taking the place of the majority of light scout vehicles in use at the time. The Hussar was also the 'Mech that put Newhart Industries on the map when the 'Mech and its primary weapon proved to be reliable and easy to maintain the SLDF put in several orders for larger 'Mechs from Newhart.


The Hussar has a single weapon on its chassis that is mounted uniquely on a turreted mount on the center torso, the Newhart Extended Range Large Laser. While this approach of a single weapon to provide defensive capabilities limits the Hussar, the range of the ER Large Laser allows the Hussar to engage enemies at a standoff range and its speed allows the Hussar's MechWarrior to dictate the range, forcing any enemy units to fight on its terms.


  • 3025 TR(R)
    • HSR 300-D - The 300-D Hussar is a simple downgrade of the 200-D Hussar. The primary changes in the design are the replacement of the ER Large Laser with a standard model and the Ferro-Fibrous Armor has been replaced with standard armor at a negligible cost in the already weak armor protection.
  • 3050 TR
    • HSR 400-D - The 400-D is an extreme modification of the original Hussar. The ER Large Laser and the engine have both been stripped from the chassis to make room for a LB 10-X Autocannon and the 270 rated engine has been replaced with a 240 rated engine reducing the Hussars to just under 130kph. This variant of the Hussar, due to the cluster rounds that can be fired from the LB-X Autocannon performs admirably in anti vehicle screening forces.
  • 3060 TR
    • HSR 500-D - The 500-D Hussar follows the pattern of many of the recon 'Mechs in the late 3060's and adds advanced electronics to the mix. Once again the engine has been changed for an XL model while also retaining the amazing speed the Hussar is known for. The primary weapon on this version is an ER PPC and the targeting system has been mated to an Improved c3 computer making it deadly accurate at long range when working with other units in a team.