Production information
ManufacturerStarCorps Industries
Technical Specifications
Mass90 tons
ChassisStar League XT
ArmorGrumman-3 Ferro-Fibrous with CASE
EngineGM 270
Jump JetsHildCo Model 10
Armament1x Gauss Rifle

1x LRM 20
1x SRM 6

2x Medium Lasers

The Highlander is probably one of the most well known SLDF assault 'Mechs. The Highlander began as a defensive 'Mech capable of defending an urban area or a military installation. While having a slow ground speed the Highlander has a jumping range of 90 meters. While this doesn’t seem very significant it gives the 'Mech mobility in an urban environment that outclasses most 'Mechs with a faster ground speed. The jump jets give the highlander a psychological advantage as well because a maneuver that has become linked with the design, a "Highlander Burial" which consists of using the jump jets to jump over an enemy 'Mech then drop directly onto the enemy causing a great deal of damage and a chance of landing one of the Highlanders massive feet on the cockpit of the victim of the maneuver.


The Highlander carries a weapons mix that is more at home when fighting a ranged battle but when the ranges close the highlander has the right equipment for the job. The primary weapon is a M-7 Gauss Rifle which is capable of stripping armor off of an enemy a ton at a time. The Gauss Rifle is backed up at long ranges by a Holly-20 LRM 20 launcher. For close range work the Highlander carries two Harmon Starclass Medium Lasers and a Holly-6 SRM 6 launcher.


  • 3025
    • HGN-733 - The 733 model is a downgrade of the Highlander. In place of the Gauss Rifle the 'Mech now carries an Autocannon 10. The rest of the Highlanders weapons have remained the same. The armor has also been upgraded by two tons providing even more protection then the original 732 model. The speed profile of the Highlander remains the same on this variant.
  • HGN-734 - The 734 Highlander emphasizes the Highlanders role as an urban combat 'Mech. The Gauss Rifle has been replaced with a massive LB-X Autocannon 20, The Medium Lasers have been upgraded to Extended range Models, the SRM was upgraded to a streak version with another Streak SRM 6 launcher added as well as an Extended Range Large Laser. Upgrading the standard fusion engine with a new Light Engine and removing the LRM 20 launcher accomplished these changes.
  • HGN-736 - This version of the Highlander has been upgraded to carry the improved c3 computer as well as upgrading the LRM 20 with an Artemis IV fire control system and upgrading the SRM 6 to a Streak SRM 4. This was accomplished by replacing the twelve single heat sinks of the 732 model with 10 double heat sinks and by only using 1 ton of ammunition for the upgraded SRM launcher.
  • Highlander IIC - The Highlander was one of the 'Mechs carried on the exodus with General Kerensky and the remnants of the SLDF. The Clans have created their own variant of the Highlander called the Highlander IIC which is an upgraded version using clan technology.