Production information
ManufacturerCeres Metals Industries
Technical Specifications
Mass60 tons
ChassisOverlord Mk. 3 Endo Steel
ArmorTaijian StarShield II
EnginePitban 240
Jump JetsSwingline X-1200
Armament*2xSRM 6

The Helios moves at a top speed of sixty-five kilometers per hour, average for a heavy BattleMech, but exceeded only by the Charger and Spartan assault 'Mechs. As such it is more than capable of serving point guard and maneuvering to interdict any threats to an assault-weight unit. The powerful arm mounted Gauss rifle is a 'Mech-killing weapon of the first order and able to take units out at range. SRMs and long-range lasers ensure that enemies that close with its charges will only become more and more discouraged as more and more withering firepower is brought to bear.

The Helios' primary drawback is insufficient armor to withstand any more than a few hits. Designers note that the Helios is primarily meant to engage opponents at extreme ranges.

Variants of the HEL-3D replace lasers with C3 slave computer links. The radical 4A strips all armaments for an extended range Particle Projector Cannon, three medium lasers (two in the left arm and one in the head), and a twenty tube medium range missile rack. The remainder of mass is allocated to add much needed armor and five double-efficency heat sinks.