Production information
ManufacturerCoventry Metal Works
Technical Specifications
Mass95 tons
EnginePitban 285
Jump JetsNone
ArmamentPrimary Configuration

The Lyran Alliance's first foray into OmniMech production, the Hauptmann embodies the merging of classic Lyran idealogy with cutting edge innovation. It is no surprise that that the first Lyran Omni would be an assault 'Mech; their army is uniquely heavy compared to Federated Commonwealth RCTs and Draconis Combine line regiments. The Hauptmann is noteworthy for featuring a heavy, yet compact standard fusion powerplant. While this compromises the maximum potential loadout of weaponry, engine power and armor; the Hauptmann overcomes. Every configuration boasts the heaviest ballistic weaponry imagineable, be it a light ballistic Class-20 autocannon, an assault-class ultra autocannon, or Gauss rifle. The most recent model mounts the homegrown Heavy Gauss rifle. The Standard engine and thick plate armor make the Hauptmann a model of durability. Battles on Kathil and Tharkad demonstrate the amount of abuse that could be heaped upon the Omni's heavy frame before its submission.


The lumbering juggernaughts have had the dubious honor of harboring Katrina Steiner supporters Karen Fallon and General of the Armies Nondi Steiner. Both pilots made their last stand in Hauptmann OmniMechs and both pilots were defeated. Fallon was thrown down when her assault battlemech was crushed beneath a microwave relay dish on Kathil, and Nondi Steiner was defeated when her nephew Peter Steiner-Davion blew her into oblivion in the streets of Tharkad City.