The Hanseatic League is a trade union beyond the rimwards boarder of the charted space.

The first settlers on Bremen had been exiles from the Lyran Alliance. Bremen soon became the homeport of a fleet of spaceships acting as couriers and traders for an sphere of three hundred light years. In 2891 the starports around Bremen allied under the name Hanseatic League. In 3011 the League declared Bremen, Lübeck and and Bergen as open trade worlds accessable to every trader, while the fleets of the League successfully denied exploration and trade to other worlds under their control.

The Hanseatic League main focus is on interstellar trade. The military technology of the League could be viewed inferior due to the lack of own mech production, but startship designs like the Dromedar proved that the league is superior on their own ground: To control the space between the stars.

Since 3055 the Hanseatic League is in a non-declared war with Clan Diamond Shark.