Gauss Rifle


The Gauss Rifle is the premiere ballistic weapon used by the Clan and Inner Sphere. Introduced in Technical Readout 2750 the Gauss Rifle is a long range, heavy hitting weapon capable of decapitating a 'Mech in one shot.


The Gauss rifle uses a series of magnets to propel a projectile though the rifle barrel toward a target. While it requires a great deal of power to operate, this weapon generates very little heat and can achieve a muzzle velocity twice that of any conventional weapon. [src]

Notable ‘MechsEdit


Light Gauss Rifle IS

Developed by the Free Worlds League during its attempts to duplicate the Clan Gauss Rifle's lightweight construction. The weapon itself massed the same as the Clan design, but the nickle-ferrous ammunition was only half the size of the conventional Gauss-rifle ammuntion. However, the weapon was able to fire these "light" shells faster and father than conventional rounds, increasing the weapons range and though halving the weight of the shell, not quite halving the damage potential. [src]

Heavy Gauss Rifle IS

Developed by the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces looking for a weapon that would not only close the gap with the Clan's superior technology but would surpass it. The heavy Gauss rifle was the result. Unfortunately, even with a Fusion Engine (a necessity to power it) the muzzle velocity of the Heavy Gauss rifle is lower than that of a conventional Gauss Rifle, resulting in a noticeable damage drop off with increased range. However, it still remains one of the the most powerful weapons in the Inner Sphere aresenal. [src]

Sources Edit

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