Production information
ManufacturerRenault-Prime Industries
Technical Specifications
Mass75 tons
ArmorKemplar 5000
EngineGM 375 XL
Jump JetsNone
Armament*3xLarge Laser

The Flashman was first produced in 2701. It is a 'Mech that is commonly called a "flashbulb" by Mechwarriors for its very heavy energy configuration. The Flashman is a 'Mech that is capable of engaging an enemy for extended periods of time with little re-supply. This made it one of the most prized 'Mechs in a commander's arsenal during the Star League and also during the early Succession Wars. Production of the design abruptly stopped in 2796 when Renault-Prime Industries was destroyed leaving no source for the 'Mech itself or for spare parts for repairs.


The primary weapons on the Flashman are three Selitex Radonic Large Lasers, these give the 'Mech a respectable punch out to a range of 450 meters. The back up weapons to this are five Ichiba 3000 Medium Lasers, one of which is mounted in the rear of the 'Mech to provide short to medium range protection. The Flashman also carries a Buzzsaw Anti-Missile System to defend against missile attacks and a Zippo Mark X Anti-Personnel Flamer to deter Infantry attacks.


  • 3025
    • FLS-7K - A far cry from the fast and deadly 8K Flashman the 7K model is a downgraded version that was produced by Defiance Industries after the destruction of the Renault-Prime factories using a blueprint that was acquired prior to the factory’s destruction. The advanced Extralight Engine wan no longer being produced though and the design now has a top speed of only 64.8kph. In addition the Anti-Missile System was also removed and the Double Heat Sinks replaced with standard versions. The design now carries two Large Lasers and five Medium Lasers. Surprisingly the Armor protection has not been sacrificed in any way which has resulted in the 7K being more durable then the SLDF version due to its lack of an XL engine.
  • FLS-9C - The 9C is a complete overhaul of the Flashman carries three ER Large Lasers, five Medium Lasers and an improved c3 computer. In order to accomplish this the armor on the design has been upgraded to Ferro-Fibrous and the 'Mech now has an Endo Steel chassis.