1. Refer to Playable Factions to see which factions a new player may join.
  2. Players should visit the Faction Sign-up thread, and list in order of preference the top three factions they wish to join in either the Clans, Inner Sphere/Periphery or Both. Players are allowed one Inner Sphere/Periphery Player Character, and one Clan Player Character. Players will be assigned a faction based on their listed preferences and the needs of each faction. This is to insure all factions are covered.
  3. Once a player has been assigned to a particular Clan /IS faction based on his preference, he may not shift allegiance without getting GM approval. Any 'death posts' need to be approved by the appropriate Mod/GM staff member. Failure to do so will result in ejection from the FGC for a period to be determined by a CBT Administrator. Faction-jumping is annoying and can cause distraction from the overall experience we're trying to create. If you make a mistake, you need to learn to live with the consequences of your actions, not declare 'death' or 'retirement' and go somewhere else. Players who quit the Fan Councils will lose their player character and will be unable to return to the faction they quit, or request to join a new faction for a period of 2 real time weeks.