1. All threads on the Fan Council board must be related to either the FGC or FSLDF and made IN CHARACTER (IC). OOC Posts are limited to clarifications or scheduling for battles and such, and are only to be made by individuals directly involved in the thread or discussion. OOC posts made in a thread that does not concern the poster will result in a warning. A second offense will result in a week long suspension from all Fan Council activity. Repeated offenses will result in harsher punishment as deemed necessary by the GM staff.
  2. While RP threads and posts are allowed and encouraged, any RP-type of posts that involve another faction needs to be run by a player in that faction AND the appropriate GM before being posted. I.E. if the Ghost Bears RP out a special operation against the Wolves, a Wolf player and the GM needs to be involved with the Bear player to resolve the 'incident' through an RP post. This is to provide equality for all factions so one player may not dominate another using the RP route to 'destroy' that faction.
  3. ALL OOC POSTING WILL BE TRASHED unless in the appropriate OOC thread. If the information on an assault / raid / news / plot / whatever does not pertain to you or your faction, DO NOT POST IN IT (OOC threads are an exception). Yes, this is repeated. This should give all an idea how important we think this rule is.
  4. There is no PC shield or Faction shield. Nations rise and fall and heroes are born and die on the battlefield in the canon universe. The same applies here in the game universe. Your actions as a player can lead to power and glory for yourself and/or your faction or your actions can lead to your demise and that of your faction.
  5. "Back Alley" or Secret Deals, Alliances, Plots, Plans Designs, Strategies, Projects, and Schemes between individual players and/or factions must be submitted to the involved Faction GM(s) before they are implemented in game for approval.