Raid Megamek Rules

When a raiding force manages to make planet fall, the defender will post a defensive bid. This bid will include the following items :

- Total BV of the force fielded, including crews' skill levels. These levels must be consistent with those attained by involved units in the current cycle (fielding units one level lower or higher is acceptable).

- Number of units fielded. Unlike in planetary assault, in raids every unit, whatever it is, will be counted for one. 1 mech = 1 vehicle = 1 BA or Infantry stand.

- Terrain, that is map used and general overlay of them. If a custom map is used, a downloadable file has to be included in the post.

The Raider will post a reply including the following items :

- Total BV of units. This BV has to be equal to, or lower than, that of the defender.

- Total number of units : This number has to be equal to, or lower than, that of the defender.

- The side of the terrain he'll be attacking from : E, S, W, N, SE, SW, NE, NW.

By all means it is advisable to request a GM authorization when in doubt on the composition of a force.

Effective as of Cycle 13.

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