BattleTech - Federated Suns - Davion

The Federated Suns, ruled by House Davion, is based on medieval English/German culture, particularly the Arthurian legends and similar tales of chivalry. Indeed, the capital world is called New Avalon, a direct reference to the supposed resting place of King Arthur. Several other references are made throughout the Federated Suns history and society (such as graduates of the various Federated Suns MechWarrior academies wearing spurs on their boots as a reminder to themselves and others of their romantic heritage as spiritual descendants of the mounted knights of ancient Terra.)

The Federated Suns are often used to represent the ‘good' side in many conflicts, both politically and ideologically, but as with all other parts of the BattleTech universe, it exists in shades of grey. While indeed many hero characters are from the Federated Suns, it has also been the home of as many villains as any other nation.

House Davion is normally seen as one of the more open and adaptive of the ruling houses, willing to move with the times and adapt to new situation as needed. It is also home to perhaps the strongest and most notably professional military in the Inner Sphere, enabling it to survive while being bordered on two sides by hostile enemies. Despite this, it is a trademark of House Davion to use deception and trickery to carry the day rather than sheer force of arms. Davion leaders are often called ‘The Fox’ due to this Machiavellian trait.

The Federated CommonwealthEdit

The marriage of First Prince Hanse Davion to Archon-designate Melissa Steiner of the Lyran Commonwealth created the Federated Commonwealth, a super-state that crossed the entire Inner Sphere and was seen by many as the first step towards reforming the Star League. The marriage also sparked the Fourth Succession War.

The Federated Commonwealth became fact when Melissa Steiner-Davion was assassinated in 3055 and Victor Steiner-Davion was named Archon-Prince the following year. The Federated Commonwealth lasted little more than a year, before Katrina Steiner-Davion split the Lyran half of the realm away to form the Lyran Alliance during the Fifth Succession War, and was never officially re-formed.

Fall of the CommonwealthEdit

With the end of the Federated Commonwealth Civil War in 3067, the Federated Commonwealth was officially disbanded back into the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth again.

BattleTech (2018)Edit

Though nearly extinguished by the Draconls Combine in the First Succession War, the Federated Suns - a constitutional monarchy ruled by the renowned House Davlon - has become arguably the most powerful of the five great Successor States. Through skillful military campaigns and subtle diplomacy, House Davion has significantly increased the number of star systems under its control in the last two centuries.