Production information
ManufacturerGeneral Systems
Technical Specifications
Mass65 tons
ChassisSL Special
ArmorFibrolyte Armorscale
EngineMagna 390 XL
SpeedCruising: 65 kph
Maximum: 97.2kph
Jump JetsChevron II
Armament1xLRM 10

4xMedium Lasers
1xSmall Laser

1xAnti-Missile System

The Exterminator is a 'Mech that was designed for the most dubious, but necessary, of purposes; Headhunting. The Exterminator was outfitted with a special Null Signature System that allowed it to easily infiltrate enemy lines. Once the Exterminator had breached the enemy's rear its mission was to find and destroy as much of the Enemy's command capability as possible. This mission included attacking Mobile Headquarters, field bases and command level officers. It was widely believed that the Exterminator had not survived the fighting of the First Succession War as there were lances whose sole mission was to hunt down and destroy this type of 'Mech. It was later discovered that the Exterminator still existed in Comstar's own ComGuards.


The weapons used by the Exterminator are not nearly as unique or high tech as the electronics on board. The primary weapons of the Exterminator are four Averell Highpoint Medium Lasers. For Long Range engagement capability the 'Mech also carries a Deadeye-10 LRM 10 launcher. These weapons are backed up by a single Dinatech Mark III Small Laser for when engagements close to point blank range and for defense against missile attacks the Exterminator has a Buzzsaw Anti-Missile System.


  • 3025
    • EXT-4A - The 4A Exterminator is what became of the Exterminator after the Succession Wars. The 'Mech was revived by Kallon Industries when they came across blueprints for the design. The resulting 'Mech resembles the Exterminator outwardly and carries an almost identical weapons load but otherwise is not the same machine. The only weapons change is the use of a Machine Gun in place of the Anti-Missile System. The Speed has been reduced by about ten kph and the 'Mech uses a standard engine. The armor is still identical to that of the original Exterminator and unfortunately the Null Signature System could not be translated into 3025 technology.
  • EXT-5E - The 5E is a complete upgrade of the Exterminator and its primary missing is closing with enemy units to deliver improved [Narc] pods. The 5E has an improved Narc Missile Beacon launcher and also has had all four of its Medium Lasers upgraded to ER models. The jump Jets have been removed from the chassis to make room for an improved c3 computer. To make up for the lack of jumping capabilities a MASC system has been installed allowing for an augmented speed of up to 129.6kph.