Dire Wolf
Production information


Product line


Technical specifications

100 tons


35.5 MPH


300 XL

Jump Jets


  • 4 ER Large Lasers
  • 4 Medium Pulse Lasers
  • 2 Ultra AC/5
  • 1 LRM 10
  • 7 Double Heat Sinks

Headline text Edit

The Dire Wolf (AKA Daishi) is a 100 ton Clan assault 'Mech packing enough firepower to take out many light 'Mechs in a single alpha-strike. Its primary weapon loadout has Four Extended Range Large Lasers, an LRM 10, Four Medium Pulse Lasers, and two Ultra Autocannon 5s.

The Dire Wolf is known by Inner Sphere forces as the Daishi ("Great Death"), which it was named by Draconis Combine when first encountered.


The most common alternative configuration A, carries the huge Gauss Rifle in its left arm, along with plenty of ammunition. The right arm holds three Large Pulse Lasers. Dual Streak SRM-6 racks replace the Long-Range Missile launcher in the left torso, and an Anti-Missile System protects the 'Mech against enemy attacks. Configuration B has a turret-like assembly on the left shoulder instead of the missile launcher. This boxy apparatus contains four Ultra-2 Autocannons, with a complicated ammunition feed to the shells stored in the torso below. The left arm has a pair of Medium Pulse Lasers and a pair of Extended-Range Particle Projection Cannons arranged in an X-pattern. Mounted on the right arm is an LB 10-X Autocannon.


The Dire Wolf is a favorite 'Mech among Clan Smoke Jaguar forces, who have used it to break through Kurita defenses time and again. According to dubious but persistent rumors, the Draconis Combine has managed to capture a Dire Wolf intact. How Inner Sphere MechWarriors could seize such a war machine is a mystery, short of the defection of a Clan MechWarrior - an impossible act, from all that is known.

Daishi blue

Blue Dire Wolf

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