History Edit

Dan Rikard is a simple man. Being nothing more than a militia trooper on Solaris VII he didn't think much of his future. upon hearing about the attack on the HPG failure, and the few factions that tried to take advantage of the chaos he thought he might be someone. when he heard of his fathers death at the hand of the Draconis Combine he couldn't stand to wait for them to attack any longer. Vowing to step in the ashes of Kurita's Coordinator's Mech he joined the Jade Falcon military and fought his way to the top. Reaching the rank of Star Commander he transferred to the Ghost Bear Military and worked his way to the tops of their ranks favoring their tactics of that of the Falcon's.

Battle History Edit

Piloting a Vulture Heavy Mech he lashes out at his enemies with a fierce sense of vengeance for his father's death. he is willing to sacrifice his fellow warriors to reach his objective. To this day he has yet to meet the Kurita Coordinator in battle, but he trains in his Mech constantly to be ready for the day he does.