3025 Commando1

Production information
ManufacturerCoventry Defense Conglomerate
Technical Specifications
Mass25 tons
ChassisCoventry Metal Works
ArmorLexington Limited
EngineOmni 150
Jump JetsNone
Armament*1xSRM 6

The Commando was built to try and compete with both the popular Wasp and Stinger BattleMechs. The 'Mech was originally commissioned to be built in 2466 and later became a ‘Mech regularly used by the Lyran Commonwealth. The Commando is designed to serve two roles. The first role is a scout and the second is as a close range support 'Mech with its SRM four and six tube launchers. While the Commando has a ground speed comparable to both of its direct competitors the 'Mech does lack the jumping capabilities of the Wasp or Stinger. The Commando does carry four tons of armor but against anything other then other light 'Mechs the difference in the amount of armor is negligible.


The Commando carries two SRM launchers, a Coventry 4 tube and a Shannon Six Shooter, as its primary weapons. The secondary weapon is a Hesperus-B3M Medium Laser. This weapons load makes the Commando an effective urban combat 'Mech


  • 3025
    • COM-3A - The 3A variant carries two SRM 6 launchers, a Medium Laser and a Flamer. This was accomplished by removing the SRM 4 launcher and lowering the amount of the armor on the 'Mech by one ton.
  • COM-4H - The 4H variant of the Commando is used in the he periphery and removes all of the SRM Launchers and replaces them with six Rocket Launcher 15s as well as a second Medium Laser.
  • COM-5S - The 5S variant of the Commando adds an Artemis IV Fire Control System to the SRM 6 and replaces the SRM 4 with a Streak SRM 2 launcher. In addition the chassis has been upgraded with Endo Steel, the armor has been upgraded to Ferro-Fibrous and CASE has been added to protect the ammunition.
  • COM-7S - This update of the Commando is built on a Endo Steel chassis and uses a Light Fusion engine. The 'Mech carries two Streak SRM 2 launchers, an SRM 4 with an Artemis IV fire control system and two Extended Range Medium Lasers.
  • Commando IIC - The remnants of the SLDF did take a few Commandos with them on their exodus. These were later upgraded with clan technology to create the Commando IIC