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Clan Jade Falcon is a major Clan within the fictional BattleTech universe. They are often cast as antagonists in BattleTech fictional works due to their zeal for the reconquest of the Inner Sphere. Clan Jade Falcon is the primary political and military rival of the more moderate Clan Wolf. Despite a negotiated truce between the Clans and the Inner Sphere, the Jade Falcon had often sought to break the truce by attacking Inner Sphere territories before the negotiated time of expiration, an action that was opposed and stopped by the Wolves. Among the notable Jade Falcon leaders are Elias Crichell and Vandervahn Chistu.


Clan Jade Falcon has numerous WarShips, JumpShips, and DropShips to control space and transport troops to landing sites. Warships combined with assault dropships can successfully defend most of the Clan's holdings in the Inner Sphere and the Clan homeworlds. Naval commanders are considered inferior to the Jade Falcon ground troops.

Mechwarriors are viewed by the Jade Falcons as the ultimate result of breeding practices and are valued above all other combat personnel. Their mechwarriors are brash, fierce, and unrelenting. While subtlety is rare among the Jade Falcons, their relentless drive to crush the enemy is a potent force. Mechwarriors will often take incredible risks, often gaining victory or a heroic death that ensures their genetic legacy will live on among future generations.

Clan Jade Falcon does not regard their Elementals as highly as do most other clans, as indicated by Star Commander Selima in the Jade Phoenix trilogy. During their initial sweep into the Inner Sphere, Jade Falcon Elementals played an integral part in capturing and maintaining order among hostile worlds.




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