BattleForce was originally created by FASA Corporation. As a wargame set in the BattleTech universe, designed to allow the simulation of larger-scale actions. Units typically represent lances, but there are provisions for allowing the counters to represent larger units/formations. Such as companies, battalions, and so forth.

Normal Battletech game play usually is set up for small encounters (Up to 12 units per side). Though large battles are possible using the normal games rules for Battletech, the game can consume a lot of time to play. BattleForce was designed to remedy this problem.

The game allows wide use of units (vehicles, Battlemechs, air vehicles & etc.).

Revision and RevivalEdit

In 2006, Battletech was relaunched, revising and reprinting many its rule sets under the name of (Battletech: Total Warfare') rule set. Among these rules includes both versions of BattleForce. This will be a revised & updated edition of BattleForce with its successor Battleforce 2. These have been integrated into the Total Warfare rule books. New units have been added to BattleForce game (including new units since added to Battletech since its launch, including Large Naval Vessels). The game has been consolidated with AeroTech and Battlespace rules into the rulebook, Strategic Operations. While BattleForce's elements will appear in Interstellar Operations which will be a component of large scale combat operations on interstellar scale (Solar System to Solar System vs planetary operation which BattleForce is originally conceived for).


2008 Developments for BattleForce can be read in Classic's - Developer's Blog or ("BattleBlog") for 23 May 2008 for Tactical Operations Rulebook. The Blog entry by CBT game developer & author Randall Bills further down talks about early layout of Strategic Operations. It mentions on how Aerospace rules & units integration into these Strategic Ops rules set. Also, he mentions how they possibly will work in a newly proposed rulebook name Interstellar Operations.

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