Production information
ManufacturerMaltex Corporation
ClassMedium 'Mech
Technical Specifications
Mass40 tons
ChassisMaltax 40
ArmorLox Lift Series 1
Engine280 VOX
Speed75.6 kph to 118.8 kph
Jump Jets100 AFVTA
Armament1 Martell Medium Laser

1 Holly Long-Range Missile Rack

1 Holly Short-Range Missile Racks


Many of the purchsing agents for the Star League's military branch seems to have overstepped thier authority in the case of the Assasin BattleMech. Althought a new 'Mech was not required in great numbers, lobbyists for the Maltex Corporation managed to gain several key contracts for the production of this 'Mech. Despite all the politices involved, the Assasin turned out to be a successful 'Mech in combat.


The Assassin's weaponry consists of three systems: the long-range missile rack , the short range missile rack, and the arm-mounted Martell medium laser. Because the missile systems require constant ammunition and the 'Mech only carries a total of 74 combat rounds, the Assassin limits its pilots effectiveness in long fight.


  • 3025
    • ASN-101 - A variant designed by House Davion, reduced jump range and armor weight allowed 3 small Maxum 50 Lasers to be installed.

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